Monday, May 23, 2011

SPPostIt - It's Almost Here!

So I have been working quite a bit on SPPostIt and there is a lot to show you in this post. If you saw the last post, you might wonder what I was thinking with my design of the form that I was using. My better half pointed out that though it was nice, it just was too much, and I reluctantly had to agree!

So, I revamped the idea and came up with what I think is a better option. A floating bar that you can drag to wherever you need. But there is a lot built into it! So let me show you a few shots of what it looks like after it is loaded.

So I think that this is much better and is really clean. The bar can be dragged from the postit icon on the left. The arrow icon will dropdown the tabbed view and notice that the icon changes to an up icon. It's the little things right?! You will also notice what it has in the bar. "You have 1 unread message." The messages are checked based on a timer and could be changed. Currently it is 15 seconds.

So the next views will give you more looks at what is coming.

 Click on a message header and it slides down to reveal the message body. The check mark will allow you to mark it as "read".

The view below is how to send a message. The people picker was fun to reproduce, but it works great! The rich text editor works well but is only supported in IE. I am looking into options for other browsers.

Clicking the send button yields the below notice.

Notice now that there are 3 unread messages. I have already expanded it out.

So I hope this gives you  a great look into SPPostIt and I hope to hear feedback from you!

Stay tuned for more!

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